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A vaginoplasty can help women who have suffered from stretched vaginal tissues and muscles after childbirth. Having one or more children can result in an uncomfortably loose vagina, which can in turn lead to decreased sexual pleasure, self-confidence issues, and even difficulty using a tampon.

We understand the unique issues that women face as their bodies undergo changes during and after major life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

1 hr

Of procedure time


Type of anesthesia

6 weeks

of recovery time, approximately


Vaginoplasty is a procedure that surgically tightens the vaginal canal. During a vaginoplasty, we remove excess skin and stitch back together loose muscles. A vaginoplasty does not involve the labia; however, we can perform a labiaplasty together with vaginoplasty if so desired. Many women want to reduce the size of their labia as well as tighten the vagina.


Vaginoplasty recovery is similar to recovering from an episiotomy performed during a vaginal birth. You’ll experience some pain, swelling, and tenderness that can be managed with prescription pain medications. Typically, patients can return to an office job within 3 to 5 days. If your job requires strenuous labor, you’ll want to wait a bit longer.

During your recovery, you should:

  • Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions closely

  • Come to all of your scheduled checkups

  • Call us if you have any questions or concerns


You should refrain from any sexual activity for at least 6 weeks. You will also not be able to use a tampon, menstrual cup, or anything that needs to be inserted into the vagina for the same time period.

2.Labiaplasty PRE AND POST.jpg


The best candidates for a vaginoplasty:

  • Have significant vaginal laxity

  • Are finished having children

  • Understand the risks

  • Are in good general health

  • Do not smoke


You can still have children after undergoing a vaginoplasty, but understand that doing so will very likely compromise your results. This is why we recommend that you be finished building your family before undergoing a vaginoplasty.


In addition, you should be a non-smoker or able to quit for a few weeks before and after surgery. Smoking greatly increases the risk of complications both during surgery and during recovery.


  • Return flights

  • Private, unshared transfers from the airport to your hotel, and to/from your medical appointment/s at the hospital

  • Hospital and surgical fees

  • Hospital and 4* or 5* hotel stay (this duration varies depending on your procedure. Find out more in ‘Fast Facts’ above)

  • Daily breakfast at your hotel

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during your hospital stay

  • Comprehensive aftercare during and after your procedure

  • Phone access to our registered doctors and nurses on your return home.

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