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We at the new you

Embrace confidence, self-love and inner beauty through precision-crafted plastic surgery transformations.


We are fast forging a reputation as a one of the most trusted medical travel agencies and consultancy firm in Dubai and Serbia. The growth of our business through word-of-mouth recommendations is testimony to the standard of service we deliver.

✓ World-Class Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Serbia
✓ Internationally Accredited Facilities 
✓ Dedicated Patient Coordinator 
✓ Bespoke Itinerary 
✓ Comprehensive Aftercare Plan 
✓ Competitive Pricing 
✓ Free Consultation 


At The New You, we understand that everyone has their own story – one filled with insecurities, hopes, and dreams. We know how difficult it can be to doubt yourself and desire change. For us, it's not just about changing how you look; it's about helping you reflect who you truly are.

How can we help?

Be informed, feel comfortable and get the look you want, without the premium price tag. Find out why we’re different and how we can help you.

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Procedures in U A E

Discover confidence through transformation with our premier plastic surgery consulting company. With locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we specialize in tailored surgical procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to learn more and begin your journey towards a new you.


Procedures in Serbia

Experience seamless medical tourism with us, connecting patients from United Arab Emirates to expert plastic surgery procedures in Serbia. We handle all aspects, from consultation to post-procedure care, ensuring a smooth journey. Benefit from top-tier healthcare, cost-effective options, and personalized treatment plans. Contact us to begin your transformative journey today.


Explore Procedures

Embark on effortless consultation with us where we prioritize to guide patients in determining the most suitable plastic surgery procedures tailored to their needs and desires. Whether in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Serbia, benefit from top-tier healthcare, cost-effective options, and personalized treatment plans.


Start Your Journey Today

Discover the transformative power of "The New You" and take the first step towards realizing your true potential. Contact us now to begin your personalized consultation and unlock a world of possibilities.

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