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Profhilo - Skin Booster

Profhilo has a less dense, runnier consistency than dermal fillers and is injected only into the upper layers of the skin, and contains one of the highest concentrations of stabilized hyaluronic acid on the market. Profhilo is not designed to add volume but to boost and hydrate the skin, remodeling the aging and sagging tissue.

Besides its high content of hyaluronic acid, Profhilo has a low inflammatory profile combined with pro-healing properties. This treatment can be used in areas which are difficult to treat with, such as the neck and forehead, as for Profhilo distributes evenly and smoothly, without the formation of lumps.

What is the 


There is no downtime after Profhilo treatment. Some patients may experience slight bruising, tenderness, or redness; however, these temporary side effects should resolve within a few hours to a day. There are no long-term side effects with Profhilo, as it is metabolized by the body completely over time.


Profhilo is injected just underneath the surface of the skin where it quickly distributes, reacting with your tissue to instantly boost hydration. Over 4 weeks, it will boost elastin and collagen production.


Some of the benefits of Profhilo include:

  • Improves skin tone

  • Deeply hydrates the skin

  • Increases firmness and elasticity of the skin

  • Promotes healthier, and softer-looking skin

  • Can be used to rejuvenate the neck, arms, knees, hands and decollage

  • Provides an overall radiant appearance to the skin

PROFHILO-  Skin Booster Pre and Post
Pre and post procedure

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